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  • HerculesAG™ Hornet 2600 - T-00922
  • Hornet 2600 Charger - HA06756

A superior one-piece rubber over-molded handle that is water resistant and provides excellent balance and ergonomics. Its integrated buttons are watertight and offer comfortable use. The handle also has shock absorption, and a secure grip, and comes with a USB charging cable. The battery indicator lets you know when the unit needs to be charged. Livestock Prod Shafts are not Included.

The Hornet 2600 Livestock Cattle Prod handle boasts a 2600 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for purchasing expensive batteries that seem to always be dead when needed most. Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries also experience minimal voltage drop, unlike traditional single-use batteries. The USB charging system allows for charging on the go from any vehicle or standard wall outlet charging brick. Additionally, the handle has an integrated battery meter and ON/OFF power, to prevent accidental discharge while saving battery life when not in use. Unlike most two-piece clamshell-designed handles, our one-piece sealed handle design ensures that it is ergonomically balanced and comfortable. Permanently sealed, maintenance-free, solid-state motor resists damage by dirt or moisture and is protected. This product also features rubber over-molding for shock absorption, comfort, and a slip-resistant exterior. Lastly, the integrated buttons are both comfortable and waterproof, preventing water from leaking inside the unit. The Hornet 2600 handle fits any HerculesAG Livestock Prod Shaft.

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