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A high calorie supplement for dogs and puppies with added vitamins provides 174 calories per ounce. Dyne for dogs promotes weight gain while promoting a healthy coat. Made with soybean oil, egg whites and skimmed milk. Pleasant vanilla flavor encourages picky eaters. Can be fed on its own or poured over food.

Please see the following guide for specific feeding instructions for body weight of animal. Shake well. May be fed directly or poured over food. Clean, free-choice water should be available at all times. 
3 tsp (15ml) = 1 tbs (15ml)  
2 tbs (30ml) = 1 ounce (30ml) 

Weaned puppies: ¼ teaspoon per pound of body weight once daily.

Adult dogs: Feed amount twice daily. 
5-10 lbs:        1½ tsp (½ tbs)
11-20 lbs:      0.5 fluid oz (1 tbs)
21-30 lbs:      1 fluid oz (2 tbs) 
31-40 lb:       1.5 fluid oz (3 tbs) 
41-50 lbs:      2 fluid oz (4 tbs) 
Over 51 lbs:   2.5 fluid oz (5 tbs) 

The calorie content (ME) is 5,285 kcal/kg or 29.1 kcal/tsp (5mL)

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